About Us

FH WoodCraft was founded by Joe Floeter and Becky Houskeeper in 2017. Their journey began when they got married in 2014 and, together they built a large wooden puzzle for their wedding ceremony. That is when Joe found his hidden talent for woodworking and Becky found an interest in pyrography. After making the puzzle, they continued to tinker with various small wood working projects. Projects that allowed them to fine tune their finishing, joinery, and pyrography skills.

In 2016 Joe and Becky moved to Leominster, Massachusetts, and had to cut down a few maple trees, allowing more sun to get to the solar panels. They had planned to use the wood as firewood, but to their surprise, two of the maple trees they cut down had an extraordinary Ambrosia pattern. The pattern glowed even more when the wood was sawed into boards. It was those trees that sparked their desire for woodworking again.


During the next year and a half, Joe continued to master his woodworking skills. He built a few end tables, chests, cabinets, and signs. Finally, when he felt he was ready, he built their dining room table from the tree cut down just a year earlier. They were so pleased with how well the table turned out, they thought that it was time to turn their passion for wood working into a small business.


Our mission is to make fine, custom furniture and home décor. The furniture is made with traditional joinery techniques that are designed to last generations. Every product made is handcrafted with utmost care, from picking out the raw lumber, right down to finishing, it is all done here at FH WoodCraft.


Holiday Gifts

When we are not building furniture, we like to put together gifts. We build cutting boards, coasters with holders, pencil holders, signs, and many more! If you are interested in anything custom, please feel free to contact us!

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